Hip & Knee Operative Group Class

The success of your surgery doesn’t finish the moment you leave the operating theatre, this is where your rehabilitation starts. Your surgeon would have skilfully completed the surgical procedure you required, which is the first step towards a successful outcome.

Post-surgery, you’ll almost certainly require exercises to fully regain your muscle strength, flexibility and function which is influenced by a period of immobility or rest post-operatively. Consulting a physiotherapist experienced in post-operative rehabilitation is common practice and normally essential to ensure you get the best rests out of your surgery.

When waiting for surgery, joints can become stiff, poor movement patterns develop and muscles can decrease in size, strength and length. Most importantly, evidence shows the greater your strength and the better your movement pre-operatively, the quicker you will recover.

At Avenues Physio-Fitness our experienced staff take pride in offering comprehensive post-operative rehabilitation and pre-surgical preparation. Our very popular hip & knee operative class runs on a Monday & Thursday morning. This class has a high level of personal supervision and our highly qualified physiotherapists ensure safety and quality of your exercises.

Matt Willis oversees our Hip & Knee Operative Class. Give Matt a call today to discuss your pre- or post-operative rehabilitation needs.