Respiratory Physiotherapy- breathe better, live life, be amazing

Put simply, breathing is the foundation of our health. However, this function is regulalry compromised by stress, environment, excessive exercise, ilness, post-surgery or prolonged bed rest. These can change our overall biomechanical and biochemical respiratory regulators, ultimately affecting our health and function. We can help improve your focus, energy, and overall body performance through enhancing your respiratory health.

Avenues Physio-Fitness is very excited that Janice Jones is joining our team to offer her specialised services in respiratory physiotherapy. Janice graduated from Otago University in 2008. Since then she has spent her time working in hospitals in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Over the last 10 years she has developed her skills and special interest in treating patients with respiratory conditions. She has extensive experience in rehabilitation, especially following severe ilnesss and post-surgery. Janice is passionate about ensuring that her clients regain the control over their life and reach their goals. Give Janice or our friendly reception team a call to find out more about how respiratory physiotherapy can help you.