Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Therapy)

Hydrotherapy has significant rehabilitation and fitness benefits. Hydotherapy (Aquatic therapy) is the name to describe exercises in warm water. The properties of warm water improve muscle relaxation, movement of stiff or swollen joints, strengthen muscles and reduce pain all without pressure and impact through your body. Water holds unique properties which aide both fitness and recovery. Our clients note the significant benefits of reduced weight-bearing loads through their joints and the ability to focus on specific movement patterns in a safe environment without a fear of falling or re-injury. All ages and abilities can benefit from hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy can be ultised when limited weightbearing is allowed, with weightloss and fitness goals, gait re-education, post-surgery and with many neurological conditions. Importantly, we differ from other clinics by ensuring that our therapists are also in the pool exercising with our clients. Avenues Physio-Fitness two clinics weekly based out of Greerton Pools and are truly passionate about this amazing type of therapy. 

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