Pilates and High Intensity Classes

Our wide range of classes cater for clients of all ages and exercise ability.

Pilates: These classes focus on targeting the core muscles, improving shoulder and pelvic stability, optimizing muscle balance, breathing control and flexibility. Pilates is an ideal complement to your busy day. It also benefits sport performance, weights-based training and cardio conditioning.

High Intensity: Whether you have a specific training goal or simply want to improve your current fitness level our twice weekly High Intensity fitness classes are designed to help you reach your goals in a small group personal training environment. Let our instructors help motivate you in 2016.

Injury Prevention: These classes are taught in blocks and are based on established injury prevention methods such as movement competency screening and the FIFA 11+. Classes are designed for developing athletes but are welcome for all ages. Programs can be tailored to each sporting groups specific needs. Class timetable is organised by demand but are typically scheduled for Thursdays at 7am.

Independent Weekly Challenge: The independent circuit is a developed for those who want to complete their high intensity exercise at their own pace without the gym based environment. These exercises will change each week so you will never be stuck with the same, repetitive exercises.  Our physiotherapists and exercise specialists will establish a program of circuit exercises for you to complete in our gym space.

All classes are run by our team of experienced Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors.  We also offer individual and private group sessions at a time to suit your schedule.