Bookings are essential for all classes. Payment necessary to secure a place in the class. All cancellations less that 6 hours will be charged at class fee rate.

Class Schedule 2017 Valid 1st Feb- 14th May 2017

Monday               12.00 pm              Claire (Mixed Level Clinical Pilates)

                              4.15 pm               Naomi (Youth Elite Pilates) by invitation only


Tuesday              6.00 am                Naomi (High intensity) 45mins

                             7.00 am                Naomi (Fitness Pilates Mixed Level) 45mins

                             9.15 am                Catherine (Classical Pilates, Mixed Level)

                            10.15 am              Catherine (Beginners, Clinical Pilates) 45 mins

                             5.30 pm                Kate (Fitness Pilates, Mixed Level)


Wednesday      12.00 pm              Kate (Beginners Pilates) 45mins

                            4.15 pm                Naomi (Youth Pilates)


Thursday           6.00 am               Naomi (High Intensity) 45mins

                            7.00 am               Naomi (Ladies High Intensity) 45min

                            9.15 am               Catherine (Circuit Pilates)

                           10.15 am              Catherine (Pilates Master Class) 45min

                           5.30 pm                Kate (Pilates Mixed Level)


Friday               7.00 am                Kate (Pilates Mixed Level) Mainly Men

                         12.00 pm               Claire (Pilates Mixed Level)

Class Schedule from 15th May 2017

Monday               7.00 am                 Pilates Stretch 45 min

                             12.00 pm              Mixed Level Clinical Pilates

                              4.15 pm               Youth Elite Pilates- by invitation only

                             5. 30 pm               Fitness Pilates


Tuesday              6.15 am                High intensity 45mins

                             9.15 am                Classical Pilates, Mixed Level

                            10.15 am               Beginners, Clinical Pilates 45 mins

                             5.30 pm                Pilates Circuit


Wednesday      12.00 pm                 Beginners Pilates 45mins

                            4.15 pm                 Youth Pilates


Thursday           6.15 am                 High Intensity 45mins

                            9.15 am                Pilates Circuit

                           10.15 am               Pilates Stretch 45min

                           5.30 pm                 Fitness Pilates 


Friday               7.00 am                 Pilates Mixed Level, Mainly Men

                         12.00 pm                Pilates Mixed Level

Unless stated all classes run for approximately 50-55 minutes.

Concession cards are available and can be used for any of our classes offered in the timetable above.


Independent Fitness  -  $50- independent 10 concession card valid for 6 months

Pilates - $25 – casual
                $85 –  5 concession card valid for 3 months ($17/ session)
                $155- 10 concession card valid for 6 months ($15.50/ session)
                $275- 20 concession card valid for 6 months ($13.75/ session)