Avenues Physio-Fitness Small Group Exercise Classes

Thank you for your interest in Clinical Pilates, Yoga, Strength and Fitness Classes at Avenues Physio-Fitness. Avenues Physio-Fitness is passionate about providing extensive health and fitness options to complement our quality rehabilitation services. Bookings are essential for all classes and can be booked on our online booking portal. Please note that payment is required at the time of booking.

From 1st April 2022, we will be asking all participants to wear a fitting mask whenever walking around our clinic, however, this can be removed once you are participating in your class.


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All classes are run by our team of experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Consultants. Avenues Physio-Fitness prides itself on quality classes with a personal feel. These are not your ordinary gym classes. Majority of classes are run by our experienced physiotherapists. Rest assured, you will be in great hands. Our classes have a 8 person limit. You will receive a high degree of personal feedback and care from our instructors in our large gym area.

Our classes are therapeutic clinical Pilates, all instructed by Physiotherapists. We will be here to help you and change any exercises to suit your specific requirements.

Class Descriptions

Pilates: These classes focus on targeting the core muscles, improving shoulder and pelvic stability, optimizing muscle balance, breathing control and flexibility. Pilates is an ideal complement to your busy day. It also benefits sport performance, weight based training and cardio conditioning. We have three different focuses for our Pilates classes:

1. Basics- If you have never done pilates these classes designed to teach you the fundamental principals at a slower pace. Class 40 minutes duration.

2. Clinical- Our flagship classes, always led by a skilled physiotherapist. Ideal if you have a history of injuries and includes injury prevention techniques. Also great for active beginners.

3. Fitness- Pilates at a faster pace. These classes focus more on strengthening and higher intensity Pilates exercises. Not suitable for beginners.

Yoga: Traditional yoga blending the concepts of Iyengar, vinyasa or yin style. Yoga combines movement and breathing to relax, improve flexibility and build strength. All levels welcome.

Yoga/ Pilates Flow Focus: Blends the Yoga and Pilates principals. Focusing on enhancing your mobility, elongating your muscles and strengthening your core. All levels welcome.

Functional Strength & Conditioning: Transform your fitness and strength with this interval style functional strength class. All intervals at your own pace. Ideal for sports specific, pre-season training or if you are recovering from an injury or surgery. Our classes are run by our experienced physiotherapists, so injury prevention and rehabilitation are key focuses.

Reformer: Tailored sessions to your specific goals. Individual or duet private sessions available.

Functional Independent: Work on your rehabilitation or fitness goals at a time to suit you in our private exercise studio.

Absolute beginner or new to exercise: we recommend a one on one assessment first.

Concession Cards
$905 Class – Valid for 6 months ($18/session)
$16510 Class- Valid for 6 months ($16.50/ session)
$20Casual One Off Class
$25Trial Week- Valid to trial 2 classes in 14 days
* Available to new clients only, must be used in two different classes on our schedule.
Monthly Memberships
$117Up to 3 classes per week. Valid for 30 days. (from $9/ session).
$50Up to 3 independent sessions per week (from $4/ session). Valid for 30 days.
All memberships can be purchased by contacting our reception team office@avenuesphysiofitness.co.nz
Bookings are essential for all classes. Payment is necessary to secure place in the class. All cancellations less than 4 hours notice will be charged at the class fee rate.

What do I need to bring to class?

  • Comfortable exercise clothing
  • A jumper as the doors will remain open in our classes for ventilation
  • Supportive exercise footwear for strength and conditioning and youth classes
  • Non-slip socks for Pilates and Yoga classes (we have these for sale if required)
  • Your own mat (we have these for sale if required).
  • A full drink bottle, our water cooler is currently not in action
  • A towel