“Leg for Life”

Arthritic pain can cause joints to become stiff, poor movement patterns to develop and muscles to decrease in size, strength and length. Most importantly, evidence shows the greater strength and better quality movement can reduce the pain from joint arthritis. If you are awaiting surgery, greater strength pre-operatively will significantly improve your post-operative outcomes and get you moving sooner! 

If you have had surgery, the success of your operation doesn’t finish the moment you leave the theatre, this is where your rehabilitation starts. Your surgeon would have skilfully completed the surgical procedure you required, which is the first step towards a successful outcome.

Post-surgery, you’ll almost certainly require exercises to fully regain your muscle strength, flexibility and function which is influenced by a period of immobility or rest post-operatively. Consulting a physiotherapist experienced in post-operative rehabilitation is common practice and normally essential to ensure you get the best rests out of your surgery. Why not do your rehabilitation within a supportive group environment with others recovering from the same thing?

Would this be suitable for me? 

Do you have early to moderate osteoarthritis of you hip and/or knee, but do not feel ready or don’t reach surgical thresholds?

Are you currently on the waiting list for hip/knee replacement surgery?

Are you wanting to get the best out of your recent operation?

Are you wanting quality guidance of your rehabilitation, ensuring that you are progressing appropriately?

How do I get involved? 

No referral required, just give our friendly reception team a call, (07) 579-0421 or BOOK NOW on our online booking.

The program involves an individual initial assessment of your personal needs and your suitability for participating in the program.

Group classes 11am Tuesdays at Avenues Physio-Fitness, 575 Cameron Road, Tauranga.

Group Classes not for you? 

Talk with our reception team about private physiotherapy input.