Injury Prevention & Load Management

Early in every sporting season, we notice a specific trend in relation to youth injuries that present to Avenues Physio-Fitness. As training and competition start to get into full swing, or as training loads peak, many young athletes become overloaded and niggles begin. At this point, all athletes are at their highest risk of suffering serious and often, season-ending injuries. Additionally, many dynamic sports, with explosive movements, repeated landings and sudden changes of direction significantly increase the risk of serious injuries. The team at Avenues Physio-Fitness have some timely tips and tricks to keep our athletes in top shape and injury free.

  • Warming up and cooling down appropriately can reduce injury risk by 40-50% and improve movement patterns – making athletes stronger, fitter, faster. Warm up has been shown to primarily prepare the body for complex and dynamic movements.
  • Limit participation to five or less days per week and for no more training or playing hours than your age. I.e. 12-year-old should have no more than 12 hours of hockey per week. This also includes any sports with similar movements to your chosen sport- i.e. regular running, quick changes of direction or jumping etc where the impact remains the same through the body.
  • Caution not to over-commit – school, rep, club, additional training’s and high performance. Now is the time of year whereby over commitment becomes a juggling act. If you are in a position where you are under the eye of numerous coaches, it is more than appropriate for you to discuss your training load with them.
  • You should have at least one day off per week from all organised activities – don’t forget tournament weeks/ rep training/ other sports etc.
  • If you double your weekly activity load in less than 4-weeks, there is a 5x increase in injury or illness. Remember this when returning to your sport after the school holiday break- it is essential to remain active over the holidays. Try some non-impact-based activities to keep you active.
  • Better to train smarter. Quality not quantity. More does not necessarily mean better.


If you or your child is noticing the early signs of an injury, please contact us for an assessment. The team at Avenues Physio-Fitness would rather deal with a minor niggle than to help you through something far more serious if left untreated. P: (07) 5790421 E: