Kids/ Adolescent Resources

Here at Avenues Physio-Fitness we are passionate about working collaboratively with children and young people, their parents and caregivers, schools and other specialists to support them to
participate and achieve. It is imperative that us, as physiotherapists ensure that children and youth are empowered in their knowledge of their pain, injury, or body functional capacity. This information needs to be provided at a level that can be understood by children and adolescents.

We have collated some of our favourite resources from our colleagues that link to other websites or you-tube clips which help children and adolescents understand concepts that are discussed within healthcare.

What is Physiotherapy?

Exercise Concepts

Muscle strengthening

The brain and exercise


Sporting challenges


The principals of Balance is Better- Managing Youth from Sport NZ

Balance is better- Guides to Youth Sport in NZ


Nerves and Pain

Challenges after things go wrong

Pain in motion- a journey to learn about pain