Our Purpose, Our Vision

Avenues Physio-Fitness provides excellence in physiotherapy and lifestyle fitness services to the people of Tauranga.

Avenues Physio-Fitness’ cornerstones of excellence resonate through our four key pillars.

Move Freely / Whakaangi

Our team of physiotherapists assist all clients from all backgrounds, young and old, elite sports people to those with movement challenges to move freely and reach their potential. Likewise, we have a seamless referral system between our team, medical specialists and complimentary health providers to optimise your care. All clients have tailored, individualised care that reflects their specific requirements and goals. The feeling of moving freely, with autonomy and empowerment in your treatment is a foundation of our care.

Be Strong / Kia Kaha

We acknowledge both the physiology of musculoskeletal strength but feel strength of the mental, emotional and spiritual strength most important. We respect all cultures, spiritual and personal diversity and the strength gained collectively. We embrace strength and empowerment of the individual, whanau and greater community to provide holistic care.

Breathe Deeply/ Pumanawa

Breath is the foundation of life which is celebrated by the Hongi. Breathing correctly will assist many health and mobility goals. Our team have the resources to assist your breathing pattern in order to optimise your energy for life.

Stretch and Smile / Kia hari te whakamakakatanga i te tinana

At Avenues Physio-Fitness we encourage all to stretch the body and mind, to make the extraordinary achievable.  By stretching our mindset of physiotherapy skills, we keep up to date with the latest research and treatment techniques.  We also stretch our services into our local community and empower clients to optimise the resources around them. We believe achieving this with a positive disposition, welcoming smile and appropriate communication assists all clients in their healthcare journey.