Pilates- Strength through quality movement

Pilates is a exercise method that focuses on the precision and control of the body’s movements to improve body awareness, coordination and strength. Modern clinical Pilates utilises the original Pilates principals combining them with the expert skills physiotherapists. Physiotherapists understand the latest evidence in exercise physiology and are specifically trained in understanding the body and our modern busy lifestyle. Pilates offers a full body, amazing workout which offers many health benefits including:

  • Improved strength- with specific focus on the core, gluteals, shoulders and pelvis
  • Enhanced posture, balance and body awareness
  • Increased flexibility
  • Relaxation and improved breathing techniques
  • Injury prevention

Avenues Physio-Fitness provides multiple different Pilates classes and varying times to suit your fitness needs.

Our passion is to ensure that these classes are fun and supportive. Quality and safety of your exercise regime is paramount and due to our high level of personal supervision with a small class size, you will get effective and efficient results. We love to educate you on how to use your body correctly everyday, in everything you do. Your body is the best asset you will ever own- let Pilates help you look after it.