Hydrotherapy has significant rehabilitation and fitness benefits. Hydrotherapy (Aquatic therapy) is the name to describe exercises in warm water. The properties of warm water improve muscle relaxation, movement of stiff or swollen joints, strengthen muscles and reduce pain all without pressure and impact through your body. Water holds unique properties which aide both fitness and recovery and has been used as a type of therapy for thousands of years. 

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

  • Reduced weight-bearing loads through your joints
  • The ability to focus on specific movement patterns in a safe environment without a fear of falling or re-injury.
  • Can be utilised when limited weight bearing is allowed
  • Muscle blood flow increased by the warm water increasing muscle metabolism- leading to increased joint/muscle range of movement or increased power.
  • Relieve pain and reduce muscle spasm
  • Gain relaxation
  • Re-educate gait or dysfunctional muscles/joints
  • Improve circulation

Who would benefit from hydrotherapy? 

The short answer is anyone. Anyone with a goal to: 

  • Loose weight or increase fitness in a lower weight-bearing, mostly pain free environment
  • Reduce pain with movement in a safe and low impact environment
  • Improve walking gait. Whether it be post-surgery, post-injury, walking again post-crutches use, with low back pain and with many neurological conditions.
  • Improve function and strength with lower limb osetoarthritis
  • Reduce spasticity and improve function following stroke or with cerebral palsy. 
  • Improve balance and reduce falls risk. 

Why Avenues Physio-Fitness? 

Many of our passionate staff have undergone additional training in hydrotherapy. Overall, they are passionate about hydrotherapy because they see the positive results on a weekly basis in our pool clinics. 

Importantly, we differ from other clinics by ensuring that our therapists are also in the pool exercising with our clients. There is nothing to be afraid of, we will be there with you every step. 

Our pool clinics are just like a visit to our Cameron Road clinic- one on one, individualised treatment with one of our wonderful physiotherapists. We do not run group classes in the pool. This ensures that you are getting the individualised treatment and attention to detail that you deserve. 

We then can re-arrange further hydrotherapy physiotherapy sessions. However, we do encourage that by yourself, or with a support worker, you return independently to work through your customised exercise program provided by your therapist. You will reach your goals faster with practice! 

To learn more about hydrotherapy, or to book an appointment, call us now (07) 5790421