Paediatric (Kids)/ Tamariki Physiotherapy

Kids should not just be treated as small adults. Different growing stages, developmental milestones and cognitive level of each child needs careful consideration and time.

Paediatric physiotherapy is designed to help children achieve their optimal movement and development. Avenues Physio-Fitness is proud to have many of our amazing physiotherapists with extensive experience in Paediatrics.

Amanda completed her post-graduate diploma in Child Health through AUT in 2016 and in 2021 completed her Masters exploring the developmental influences on the onset of childhood chronic pain. Amanda has also studied paediatric physiotherapy through Monash University. She previously worked as the paediatric physiotherapist at Tauranga Hospital before joining the Avenues Physio-Fitness team in 2013.

Elzanne gained experience working in paediatrics in a rural hospital setting in South Africa. She is passionate about whanau-centred care and is commencing her post-graduate studies in 2022. 

It is essential that children, from infants through to adolescence are treated by a physiotherapist who understands childhood development and movement. Amanda has extensive experience in treating children with varying conditions including congenital torticollis, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, Legg-Calves-Perthes Disease, severs disease, Osgood Schlatters, “Growing Pains“, Paediatric Pain disorders and general coordination difficulties. Additionally, her passion for sport sees her also overseeing our treatment of all youth sporting injuries and youth developmental growth phases. Amanda runs our Youth Strength and Conditioning Class which specifically focuses on injury prevention, strength, flexibility and movement patterns for youth aged 11-17. 

Treatment will vary from hands on therapy, posture education, core and muscle strengthening but always with an underlying focus on your child’s goals and developmental needs. Overall, your child needs to feel comfortable with their therapist. All of our staff aim to build the essential rapport with your child and do our best to ensure that age appropriate play is incorporated into your child’s treatment at all times. Our goal is to have strengthening and coordination tasks disguised within games in our large exercise and gym space. This allows optimal engagement and an enjoyable experience for all involved. Furthermore, these games can then be carried on at home to ensure the best treatment outcomes can be achieved. We ensure that we spend the necessary time that your child needs to understand their injury or condition and that exercises and treatments are made as fun as possible. The staff at Avenues Physio-Fitness also ensure that we communicate with schools, coaches and medical professionals regularly to ensure the best outcome is reached. Please contact our reception with any questions regarding the important care of your child.

Childhood isn’t meant to replicate adult life- sitting at little cubicles and desks, day-after-day. Moving, exploring, running and activity and what children need to thrive. That is where they learn how the world works and their place in it.

Let them move!

Karen DeBeus