Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy focusses on the prevention, management, optimisation and rehabilitation of exercise or sports related injury or illness. The primary goals of sports physiotherapy is the enhancement of sporting performance and prevention of future injury.

Whether it be at a recreational grass roots level, all the way to our nation’s highest performing athletes, our physiotherapists at Avenues Physio-Fitness have the skills, expertise and experience to help. Our physiotherapists all have significant experience working with athletes at a high level, in particular hockey, rugby, gymnastics, netball and cycling codes. Many of our physiotherapists have also played sport to a national and international level. Claire Lovelace and Aine Conway have completed their post-graduate Masters in Sport & Exercise. Also, Shane Meys has completed his post-graduated Diploma in Sport & Exercise. Therefore, we understand the pressures of high level sport and development, and want to help you achieve all of your goals.

Sports Therapy provided by our qualified staff often encompasses a combined approach, with our physiotherapists working closely with coaches, managers and support staff to manage an athletes training and game load. Avenues Physio-Fitness work closely our athletes to understand the fundamental requirements of their chosen sports, their specific training loads and sports-related stressors. Through biomechanical and musculoskeletal assessments, our physiotherapists then highlight areas for improvement. With targeted and specific rehabilitation programs in place, our physiotherapists ultimately aim to make athletes the most efficient as possible, whilst reducing their overall injury risk.

It is not just traditional physiotherapy rehabilitation that Avenues Physio-Fitness offers to ensure that you are ready to perform at your best. We also offer fitness Pilates, Yoga and Strength & Conditioning classes. We have a massage therapist and respiratory physiotherapist onsite and a functional gym for all of your rehabilitation needs.

Call us today and see how we can help enhance your sporting performance and get you back to your best!