Telehealth: Remote Physiotherapy Sessions

What is Telehealth Physiotherapy?

Telehealth physiotherapy is a consultation between you and your physiotherapist via video/audio on your phone, tablet or computer or, if these resources are not available, by telephone only. For example, injuries can be assessed, diagnosed and treatment provided via secure video conference. 

Why Telehealth Physiotherapy?

Telehealth physiotherapy is used when face to face meetings with physiotherapists are not possible due to access or if you are required to self-isolate. It has been used for some time for patients in remote areas and to help people who would benefit from a face to face consultation, yet, there is limitations in achieving this.

Telehealth physiotherapy has similar results to face to face physiotherapy.

How can Telehealth Physiotherapy help me?

Our Physiotherapists can question you about your problem. They are skilled in diagnosis and management of muscle and joint injuries, pain management and exercise. They can readily identify any symptoms which require onward referral for investigation. They can arrange contactless pick up for crutches, moonboots, braces, tape etc.

When video options are used, the physiotherapist can assess your movement by asking you to perform certain actions.

Once the problem is established physiotherapists can provide you with advice about:

  • likely diagnosis, best management and likely time frames to recovery 
  •  how to best manage your injury
  • how to manage pain.

Exercises can be emailed to you. The physiotherapist can monitor your progress and add to your exercise programme.

If needed, the physiotherapist can refer you on to your GP, specialist or for an xray or ultrasound.

How do I make a Telehealth Physiotherapy appointment?

Appointments can be made at our clinic in the usual way: by calling our phone number 07 5790421, emailing the clinic, booking on our online booking portal Avenues Physio ( ensure you select “Telehealth” as your appointment type. Alternatively, we will contact you if we receive a referral from your GP or specialist.

Once an appointment is made, a consent and ACC form (if an ACC covered injury) will be emailed to you. These forms auto-populate back to us, there is no need for a printer.

What is the Telehealth Physiotherapy appointment process?

Prior to a video/audio consultation, check that your computer video and audio are working!

Ensure that you are in a quiet, private room and be prepared to demonstrate movement by wearing suitable clothing.

For video/audio consultations, the physiotherapist will email you a link through our practice management system. This does not require you to download anything extra on your computer or phone- only access the link from your email and it will open in a web browser (preferably Google Chrome or Firefox). At the time of your appointment, click on the link and you will see your physiotherapist and the consultation will continue.

For telephone consultations, your physiotherapist will telephone you at an agreed appointment time.

What is the cost of a Telehealth Physiotherapy appointment?

If an injury can be claimed under ACC, then ACC will continue to cover part of the cost of this appointment.

Avenues Physio-Fitness may add a surcharge, this will be dependent on the amount of time spent on your consultation. Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you directly. You will receive an invoice for the cost of the surcharges at the end of your treatment.

If you have any concerns, please contact us to discuss. (07) 579-0421 or