Vocational Rehabilitation

Stay at Work is an early intervention rehabilitation programme fully funded by ACC to help an injured person return to work safely, quickly and sustainably.

Avenues Physio-Fitness has a team of physiotherapists with experience and post-graduate studies in vocational rehabilitation. We are designed to help you, your employer and ACC achieve a personalised plan to enable a successful return to work. We work with all treating health professionals and appropriate rehabilitation networks to identify appropriate duties, working hours and any other modifications for return to work.

Our team takes time to explore work tasks, work environments and potential barriers. We get to know the employee, employer and the business through a workplace assessment and initial needs assessment. Our team will provide as required: manual handling advice and other workplace education, modification of necessary equipment, arrange work trials, functional fitness to work assessments and case management support. And, who better to do this than a team of physiotherapists who not only understand vocational rehabilitation but also have expertise in injury prevention and workplace pressures on the musculoskeletal system. You will be in good hands.

Email our amazing team today for more information. physio@avenuesphysiofitness.co.nz